Hello Northampton. There’s an Election on November 3. Really!

Maybe you know. Maybe it’s not on your radar. As it’s our first election year ever without a mayor’s race, I wouldn’t blame you for not noticing.

Please put this on your calendar. On Nov. 3, you can decide the direction of the City Council, School Committee and Forbes Library. I hope you’ll vote to keep our city on a good track.

Working with the community, we’ve done great things on the Council in the last two years. Revitalizing Pulaski Park. More affordable housing downtown. Greater transparency and access. New zoning laws to make sure Northampton’s growth is smart.

There’s more to do. Municipal WiFi. More open space. More support for downtown business. I bet you have good ideas too.

I’ve had the honor to serve as City Council President for four years. I want to keep at it.

If you could cast one of your votes for me, I would really appreciate it.