Letters of Support

Thanks to everyone who took the time to express their support in letters to the Daily Hampshire Gazette. Please check out their letters below:

Jack Hornor: Dwight deserves re-election as one of Northampton’s ‘most engaged citizens’

To the editor:

Bill Dwight’s level-headed leadership as an At-Large councilor and City Council president has been a great asset to Northampton for the last four years.

This has been particularly true since the updated City Charter made the council a more independent body. He has led the council thoughtfully and with a commitment to openness in its work.

I value not only Bill’s experiences of the last four years, but his previous service as a city councilor and his presence as one of the city’s most engaged citizens.

Jack Hornor

Jonathan Tucker: Bill Dwight’s leadership bridges a city’s divides

To the editor:

I have been voting for Bill Dwight since he first started running for citywide office, and I keep voting for him because he makes Northampton work for everyone.

He reaches out to the residents of both Hamp and Noho.

Bill bridges our divides and represents all of the citizens of this amazing community, because he knows them.

I have encountered Bill in a dozen very different settings in Northampton. Frequently, he’s helping to raise funds for an important local cause, or helping to support the disenfranchised, or making sure he is listening to and engaged with an issue of importance to Northampton citizens.

Watching and reading about the recent candidate dialogues (debates might be too strong a word for Northampton), it was once again clear that Bill is not only concerned about what’s been happening, what’s occurring now, and the latest issues that have people energized. Bill is looking ahead and trying to make sure that Northampton steers itself in a direction that will give everyone a chance to be involved and to succeed. He talks about Northampton’s future in casual conversations completely outside of political settings.

Northampton’s welfare engages him, it matters to him, and stays foremost in his mind. That’s what I want my City Councillors to do. It’s how we need them to be.

Jonathan Tucker

Jonathan Goldman: Dwight uses moral compass in leadership on council

To the editor:

Three years ago, I walked into City Hall for the first time to interview Mayor Narkewicz. City Council President Bill Dwight was there and he invited me to attend the next meeting of the Mayor’s Youth Commission. At the start, I was hesitant to participate in city government, but Dwight’s enthusiasm and confidence inspired me to immerse myself in helping Northampton.

During my three years of working with Dwight, he has continually taught me to speak up for myself, to stand by my values, and to always respect other’s opinions. These three characteristics are a strong reflection of the important role Dwight brings to the Northampton City Council.

With great joy and admiration, I support Dwight’s re-election. His unwavering respect for other people’s opinions, his ability to empower people, and his moral compass make Dwight an extremely qualified candidate.

Dwight, whether or not he agrees with someone, will always hear out their opinion and seek to better understand their reasonings. His efforts improve the communication within the Council and the community.

The empowerment Dwight encourages of community members creates opportunities for broad-minded, inclusive community engagement, allowing for a more active and diverse-thinking city.

By maintaining his core values, despite ongoing political pressures, Dwight never fails to follow the mission he has set out on as City Council President: helping improve the lives of all Northampton residents.

Jonathan Goldman

“Rita Bleiman: Councilor Dwight a model of ethics, fair play”

To the editor:

I have known Bill Dwight for many years and in many capacities and have always had enormous respect and admiration for him.

He is knowledgeable, hard-working, humorous and articulate. He also possesses a keen sense of ethics and fair play. Even in the most contentious situations I have never seen him lose his cool or treat anyone disrespectfully.

For all these reasons I would urge Northampton to return him to the City Council where he has done such an outstanding job.

Rita Bleiman

Adam Dunetz: Dwight sets standard for City Council service

To the editor:

I endorsed Bill Dwight when he ran for City Council at-large in 2011. Not only has he confirmed that my trust and confidence were well placed, he has set a new standard for what I expect from my elected officials. He is thoughtful, accountable and accessible.

There’s really no one I’d trust more to help us honorably navigate the social and economic complexities our city faces. Is he a great guy to get a beer with? Sure. But that’s totally irrelevant to the fact that with Bill, I feel like my values and interests as a resident, a parent and a downtown business owner are capably and faithfully represented.

Adam Dunetz

Jennifer Dieringer: Dwight’s return to the council would be great for Northampton

To the editor:

I write to wholeheartedly endorse Bill Dwight as Northampton City Councilor at large. I know Dwight through my years serving on the Planning Board and Housing Partnership, and as a housing attorney at legal aid.

I have always been struck by Dwight’s commitment to equity, fairness and inclusion, and his understanding that a vibrant Northampton means diversity of all kinds, not the least of which is economic diversity. He has demonstrated that understanding in myriad ways, and notably through his support for the use of Community Preservation Act funds to build two affordable housing projects in downtown Northampton. These projects will bring affordable housing to Northampton residents who desperately need it.

Dwight is a big thinker, which is reflected in his leadership as council president. But he also demonstrates unlimited capacity to focus on all residents and will drop whatever he is doing to listen to a constituent, debate a point, or explain his position. He listens carefully, critically and without judgment.

Dwight’s love for this city is infectious; it truly makes others want to join in the conversation, which makes the decision-making process all the better.

Jennifer Dieringer

Elizabeth Silver: Why I support candidates Dwight, Adams, Reade, Twarog and Wight

To the editor:

I write in support of Bill Dwight and Jesse Adams for Northampton City Council at-large, Nat Reade for School Committee at-large and Katy White and Joseph Twarog for Forbes Library trustees.

Bill and Jesse have brought wisdom, breadth, common sense and progressive values to the council (as well the occasional levity). We are in capable hands.

At a recent forum, it was evident Nat Reade brings smarts, sensibility and considered deliberation in his thinking about education. He is open to hearing others, understands representative governance, and is dedicated to fact-finding and balanced approaches while uncompromising in his dedication to the best possible educational systems.

Joseph Twarog and Katy Wight are thoughtful and experienced (Joe as an incumbent, Katy as a publisher and a master’s in library science candidate who comes from a lineage of librarians and library trustees), and they are both devoted to the most efficient and public uses of Forbes.

Elizabeth Silver


My To-Do List

I’m proud of what I’ve accomplished as City Council President for the last two years:

* Creating a more vibrant and accessible Pulaski Park

* Building a more affordable housing downtown

* Adopting new “smart growth” zoning laws

* Establishing strict limits on local campaign contributions

* Greater transparency, access and community input

I have an ambitious to-do list for the next two years:

* Bring municipal WiFi to Northampton

* Protect additional open space

* Tackle the problem of “high-rent blight”

* Boost public school enrollment

* Help establish a PILOT program

* Your ideas! Let’s work on them together

If you want to keep working with me on this agenda, please give me one of your two votes for At-Large City Council on Tuesday, November 3rd. Thanks.

Hello Northampton. There’s an Election on November 3. Really!

Maybe you know. Maybe it’s not on your radar. As it’s our first election year ever without a mayor’s race, I wouldn’t blame you for not noticing.

Please put this on your calendar. On Nov. 3, you can decide the direction of the City Council, School Committee and Forbes Library. I hope you’ll vote to keep our city on a good track.

Working with the community, we’ve done great things on the Council in the last two years. Revitalizing Pulaski Park. More affordable housing downtown. Greater transparency and access. New zoning laws to make sure Northampton’s growth is smart.

There’s more to do. Municipal WiFi. More open space. More support for downtown business. I bet you have good ideas too.

I’ve had the honor to serve as City Council President for four years. I want to keep at it.

If you could cast one of your votes for me, I would really appreciate it.