Sarah Buttenwieser

Sarah Buttenwieser

“The thing about Bill is that every opinion he seems to have about the city is grounded in knowing–for real–about the issue. I love Bill’s incredible engagement with the issues we face collectively and I love his ideas, too. He may jest about having been a video clerk or radio host as truly odd jobs, but the truth is, he’s a career citizen. Northampton is lucky to have such a careerist willing to share his thoughtfulness & to put good ideas into action.”

Jennifer Dieringer

“When Safe Passage needed an emcee for the Hot Chocolate Run, Bill Dwight happily came out in the bitter cold to entertain participants and support the event. He then upped the ante, as only Bill can do, by running his first ever road race and seeking donations from his many supporters, friends and family. Bill’s love and passion for Northampton is evident in contributions like this, but equally notable in his every day conversations — punctuated by humor, insight and lively debate — about how to make this wonderful city even better. His thoughtfulness, intelligence and willingness to consider every side of an issue is all anyone can ask for in a city councilor.”

Adam Dunetz

“Bill Dwight- how does one even begin to separate the man from the myth?… The beautiful thing about Bill is that you realize, the deeper you look, that you don’t have to, because they are one in the same. This man is chronically nice, thoughtful, and generous in mind and spirit. As a Northampton resident and business owner, I truly feel like Bill Dwight’s got my back. And there’s not really anything more that I could hope for from an elected official.”

Bill Scher

“What I love about Bill Dwight is: he’s a doer. He doesn’t grandstand to no effect. He doesn’t do paper-thin political deals to look busy. He stands on his principles, reaches out to all sides, and does the hard work to solve problems. If you care about active government that responds all in our community — especially the most vulnerable — know that Bill Dwight won’t just fight for you. He’ll deliver for you.”

Sarah Smith

Sarah Smith

“It’s important to me that the politicians who represent the citizens of Northampton are engaged in our community. Bill has been deeply involved in many organizations in Northampton, and he talks–and listens–to everybody. Bill’s interest in engaging with the public means that he’ll continue to listen to us as our City Councilor At Large. He will represent us, and he will be accountable to us.”

Rev. Dr. Peter Ives

“When Bill Dwight first ran for the City Council in 1993, to represent Ward 1, he asked me to introduce him to residents of the Lathrop Community. I was touched by the way he touched the lives of all the people he met. They were touched by his love for our city, our amazing history and the courage and diversity of our people. They were moved by his genuine concern for them, his willingness to take time to listen, and to understand their problems. And they trusted him when he pledged to take what they said and bring their concerns to the City Council as their elected official. Now that Bill is running to represent all of Northampton as City Councilor At-Large, I know you can trust Bill now to represent your hopes and dreams for our City, just as those people from Lathrop trusted Bill then.”