Several letters to the editor have been published by the Daily Hampshire Gazette in recent days expressing support for Bill Dwight. Excerpts are below.

“Dwight ‘honorable man of progressive convictions’” by Steve Sauter
October 19, 2011

…I am impressed with his intelligence, his kindness, good humor and willingness to listen. He is a thoughtful, progressive and thoroughly original character that is a credit to his parents and the Valley he grew up in. When I moved to Northampton this year I was delighted with every aspect of this great community. I trust Bill Dwight to care for my new home.

“Dwight has knowledge, experience, passion” by Dora Lewis
October 25, 2011

He has already proven himself a very effective councilor by serving as the Ward 1 councilor for eight years. He is clear about what he stands for and knows how to disagree in a respectful manner. He is extremely intelligent, very hardworking, and progressive.

“A time that needs fairness, humor” by Rita Bleiman
October 27, 2011

His intelligence, integrity, friendliness, fairness and humor are badly needed in today’s political whirlwind. His years of holding court as “the oldest functioning video clerk” and his tenure as a local radio host have given him a unique and well-rounded perspective on the city.

“Candidate combines hope, vision” by Fred Hooven and Heidi Haas
October 27, 2011

As a former radio host and city councilor he has shown that he listens to people representing all sides of an issue and then works towards the consensus needed to get things done. Bill encourages people to make their voices heard in their government, to be invested in the process and connected to their community.

“Praise for Dwight’s insight, dedication” by Jennifer Dieringer
October 27, 2011

Bill’s love and passion for Northampton is evident in contributions to the community like this, but equally notable in his everyday conversations – punctuated by humor, insight and lively debate – about how to make this wonderful city even better. His thoughtfulness, intelligence and willingness to consider every side of an issue is all anyone can ask for in a city councilor.

“Respect, caring mark Dwight service” by Donna Riley
October 27, 2011

I share Bill Dwight’s values on key city issues: infrastructure, schools, community preservation and civil liberties. But I also know that when I or others disagree, he hears opponents out with graciousness and respect.

“Dwight’s background helps elevate debate” by Bill Scher
October 28, 2011

Bill Dwight has the deep knowledge of issues, the strength to face down polarizing tactics and the thoughtfulness to reach out to all sides. All of these qualities are crucial to elevating the debate and building broad support for the tough choices we face.

“Bill Dwight ‘a true public servant’” by Maura Glennon
October 29, 2011

Dwight offers eight years of previous experience on the City Council. In the seven years since he’s continued to work hard for this city he loves; he kept the conversation going on the local radio waves and in the former Pleasant Street video store. He continues to walk down the streets of our town, running into friends along the way and having impromptu conversations about city issues … His ability to have real conversations and calmly listen to opposing views is his greatest strength.

“Bill Dwight would heal city’s fault lines” by Carolyn Toll Oppenheim
November 2, 2011

The Noho and Hamp gap has grown since I first moved here in 2005. Bill Dwight bridges that divide in his own persona and is a leader in doing so for our community. … No one is better than Dwight to lead us to unity so that we can draw on the enormous resources from all over this city to survive and flourish in challenging times.

“Bill Dwight is the people’s candidate” by Vijay Prashad
November 3, 2011

When he gets back to the City Council, I shall feel that some of the order is restored to the world. Not much of it, but some of it. It’s a start.