Daily Hampshire Gazette, October 26, 2011

…Dwight said he will bring a holistic approach to represent city voters and a style of governing that would be “less brash and more circumspect.” “The council is much more effective when there are conflicting opinions, but everyone is working towards a goal,” said Dwight, who notes that one of his strengths is working with people who have diverse opinions. … If elected, he said he will be an advocate for people who, as he put it, are rarely recognized or involved in government. “That’s people in Hampshire Heights, Florence Heights, people in subsidized housing, the indigent, the homeless,” Dwight said. “And, people who are challenged in their homes, the elderly and youth.” … Dwight said he understands that the city, more than anything, faces financial challenges, and that he has the knowledge to make intelligent decisions. “I suppose the bigger issue is, how we negotiate that, how we navigate that, with the emphasis on ‘we,’” he said.

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